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개인정보 수집 및 이용동의 Agreement on the Collection and Use of Personal Information

Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Infromation(to send notifications for participation of Busan International Performing Arts Market)
Following is the purpose for Busan Performing Arts Market to collect and use your personal information.
Please read the details thoroughly and decide whether you would like to agree.
1, Purpose Of Collection : Sending notifications for confirmation of your application for participation in Busan Performing Arts Market/ Sending notifications for new service, events information, etc. / Data updates for analysis for new services development
2. Require items : Name, age group, gender, phone number, email, organization, position, nationality
3. Period of retention and use : 2 years since the day of collection
For further details, please refer to the Personal Information Privacy Policy.
You have the right to disagree to the collection and use of personal information, however if you do not agree, you will not have full access to the services, including receiving the payment link to complete your payment, advance notice of meetings, agendas and all events, hosted by BPAM.
There is no additional disadvantage for not agreeing with collection of the optional personal information items.

동의(Agree)      동의하지않음(Disagree)